Introducing a Better Way for North Alabama to Fly from Nashville Airport - For Just $39

Welcome to Madison County Shuttle

We provide scheduled daily service to Nashville Airport from Huntsville, Madison, and Athens.  Our luxury coaches depart from central locations and take you directly to the terminal in Nashville.  We now offer Lobby Front pickup for any office in or around Research Park.

Why be driven to Nashville Airport?

It's Reliable:      Our coaches never cancel.  

It's Cheaper:     No gas, no parking, no wear on your vehicle.

It's Faster:        Get dropped off at the terminal.  Don't search for parking just to walk to a bus stop and wait to be taken to the building.  Don't spend half a day driving to pick up and drop off friends and family.  Fly directly to your destination without the predictable hassles of airport connections and layovers.

It's Easier:         Relax in a new and luxurious Mercedes Benz Sprinter as you are driven to your flight.  Quiet, smooth, and roomy.

It's Better:         Simply put, we have engineered a better way to fly out of Nashville.